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There are an array of birds down on The Farm, some familiar and some rare breeds!

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The Farm is home to many chickens, some are rare breeds Derbyshire Redcaps, Cream Legbar, Sussex Banthams and Minorcans along with our other breeds such as Araucana, Brahams, Polish and Pekins to name but a few.


You can find the beautiful Cayuga Ducks inhabiting outr duck pond (located by the main office) along with the East Indian Ducks and the Indian Runner Ducks

Other Birds

You can also find the stunning Peahens and the Silver Pheasant in the bird enclosure next to the main entrance and situated in the Small Animal House you can find Canaries, Zebra Finches, Benalese Finches and some Diamond Back Doves


Written by Andrew Pearse on Monday July 11, 2016

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